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Here, in this food truck business cuisine called Chillipeppers, ginger and wasabi meet chipotle and pico de gallo in a battle so fierce, the only winner can be you and your taste buds. Marvel at the melding of Latin and Asian flavors, delight as the tangy fire of one dish hits your mouth, while another tingles the tongue with delectable sweetness. This is not simply food! It is a culinary experience bursting with the hot, spicy, sweet and sublime flavors of two continents and cultural traditions, fit for a gourmet of the most discerning tastes. Reactions are unpredictable. You may laugh, cry, dance and wail and punch out your neighbor all in the span of a single meal. Not to worry. We will have napkins and restraining orders on hand.

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The Macho Nacho
Spicy Shredded Braised Beef, Pico de Gallo and qeuso fresca, over corn tortilla chips with siracha aoli drizzle
This nacho has got beef and ‘tude! What else would you call a dish that brings together Thai and
Mexican flavors in one packed punch? I guess we could have called it Kickboxed Lucha, but that
would just be showing off, and we are nothing if not modest about our immense taste.

The Kani Quesadilla:
Crabstick, Avocado, and Sliced Cucumbers with Sesame Seeds cooked in a tortilla with Wasabi infused Queo Fresco. Served with our pico de gallo.
This will put some ying back in your yang, some tai in your chi, or some burr in your itto.

Fire Fu’ed Pork Roll
Tender Pork with Crunchy Fresh Vegetables and chipotle in a crisp wonton wrapper with
wasabi & scallion vinaigrette for dipping
We take the tender pork, and we bring the heat and the spicy, adding wasabi and chipotle, until
it is nothing like you have ever tasted, transforming into a five alarm experience in your mouth
through the power of fire, fu and Gourmet Streets Gourmet Food Truck Business Cuisine.


Each Entree menu item is served as two soft tacos.
The only thing soft about our tacos are the tacos. We put things in our soft tacos you would never dream of. But your mouth has. Just ask it.

The Sumo Beef Taco
Stir-fried Bulgogi (marinated grilled beef), clear noodles, mushrooms, onions and green onions
When was the last time you sumo-wrestled a beef taco? This is one time you will not mind being on the receiving end of a full-on belly slam, when beef meets west in a stir-fry extravaganza – shockingly enough, in a Gourmet food truck business taco.

The Asiatic Sea Taco
Stir-fried squid, shrimp, mussels, cabbage, carrots, zucchini, onions and green onions in homemade spicy sauce, very spicy
Never heard of the Asiatic Sea? Guess you failed geography too. As any true food connoisseur knows, the Asiatic Sea is where Asia meets South America and the freshest seafood marries fresh veggies in an explosion of spicy-Confuciousness.

The Divine Swine Taco
Deep-fried breaded pork with broccoli, carrots, onions and red peppers in homemade sweet and sour sauce
Pork always gets a bad wrap. That’s why we decided to put it in a taco instead. The other white meat my ass!  Surrounded by veggies, breaded, deep-fried and sweet and sour sauced up, this here is pig heaven in a taco.

Sum Yum Pollo Taco
Deep-fried breaded chicken with broccoli, carrots, onions and red peppers in homemade sweet and spicy sauce, slightly spicy
A little bit of spicy flavor for you to savor, this may be the only time Latin spiciness and Asian deliciousness come together in a chicken in a taco this finely.  Yo quiero Sum Yum Pollo taco. You can run and tell that, homeboy.

Green Dream Tacos
Green Curry Chicken and Crispy Wontons with Avocado in a soft taco
If you care about the environment, but are too lazy to actually do anything about it, you can still go green with our green dream tacos. Go green without the effort, while you sit on your lazy ass. People got to eat if they want to save the world! That’s exactly why we have our Gourmet food truck business, to help save the world with Green Dream Tacos! Everyone would be happier!

Mexicali Mo’ Batter Grouper
Grouper deep fried in beer batter and topped with Jicama & Cabbage Slaw, tossed in Jalapeno Aoli and topped with guacamole – double taco
What makes some things good, some mo’ better, and some Mexicali mo’ better? It’s not just the batter, fool! Everyone knows beer makes everything mo’ better, but beer plus jalapeno and guacamole? That’s Mexicali mo’ Gourmet food truck business better.

Zucchini Devastation
Mexican zucchini rounds simmered in stewed tomatoes, onions, and garlic, then loaded with mild cheddar cheese on a taco or sandwich.
Fear the power of zucchini. Piled high with cheddar, this dish is set for mouth explosion. Not recommended if you are wearing white. Things could get messy!


The Glass Menagerie
Korean Glass Noodles sautéed with beef, spinach, carrots, onions, and mushrooms.
Yes, this pasta dish is actually among the literary greats of the 20th century.  First performed as an acclaimed play by Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie now lives on in Korean translation as a palate-pleasing pasta performer with vegetables in supporting roles. Applaud as warranted.

Husker Du
Sweet corn pudding with spicy kim chi
Sweet and spicely have never come across so nicely as in this kickass pudding. Would you believe us if we told you that the corn kernels literally jumped of their own volition just to be a part of it? No, we were not smoking anything at the time. It’s not as if the fork ran away with the spoon. That happened much later.

Paco Pinto
Braised Pinto Beans in Soy Sauce with Scallion
Ah, the pinto. Garbanzos and kidneys may get all the accolades, but which bean shares its name with an obsolete car and a horse? Need we say more? This is the bean’s bean, man. The bean of choice for those in the know, served up right and tasty.


oneul-ui dijeoteu (dessert du jour)

Chocolate Ancho Chili Flourless Cake
Perhaps the best dessert known to mankind, the surprise here isn’t that there are chilies in this chocolate cake, but that it is entirely flourless and both rises and sticks together through sheer force of will and deliciousness. Surprise, indeed.

Floating Lotus
Ever floated in tranquil waters without a care in the world? Then you are practically a lotus flower yourself, and will fully be able to appreciate the awesome delectability of this Gourmet food truck business dessert. What? You don’t like being called a lotus flower? You can always order some balls (may we suggest rice balls in coconut milk….)