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The Travel Channel Gives A Thumbs Up To Latin Burger & Taco Food Truck Burger Macho

The Travel Channel Gives A Thumbs Up To Latin Burger & Taco Food Truck Burger Macho

Gourmet Streets has a wonderful food truck business package for those interested in both mobile food trucks and taco truck catering. In fact, The Gourmet Streets’ Latin Burger and Taco has been so well received that we have been mentioned in Entrepreneur magazine’s Food Truck Startup Guide: Food Network chef Ingrid Hoffmann’s black and pink Latin Burger and Taco Truck, for example, has become quite the rage in Miami. 

And as we have mentioned in the past, food truck ownership is an excellent bridge to opening up a brick and mortar restaurant. You have a chance to build up a following and refine your recipes until you are ready to open up a sit down, and just like Latin Burger and Taco, keep your food truck running as well.

If you are interested in taco truck catering, take a look at some of the unsolicited accolades of our Latin Burger & Taco dishes:

Burger Land Features Latin Burger and Taco on Travel Channel April 22

By Laine Doss Wed., Apr. 17 2013 at 1:30 PM
Travel Channel’s George Motz eats a Latin Macho.

When burger aficionado George Motz ate at Miami’s Latin Burger and Taco about three years ago, the owner of the popular pink-and-black food truck, Jim Heins immediately recognized him.

Motz, after all, is the man behind the documentary film Hamburger America and author of a book and blog of the same name. “Having George Motz try one of my burgers was an honor,” Heins told Short Order, adding that after Motz finished chowing down on the truck’s signature Latin Macho burger, made with caramelized onions and Oaxaca cheese, he asked if that burger was a “special,” made to impress him. Heins recalls replying, “Nope. That’s just what we make every day.”

Motz must have really loved that sandwich because a few years later, Heins was asked to appear on the burger impresario’s new Travel Channel show, Burger Land.

Heins said that when he got the call from the show’s producers, he thought it was a friend playing a joke. “I hung up on them.” After they called back, the food truck owner realized this was no prank. “It was certainly a surprise. This show highlights burger places that are part of American history, so to be added to this list really means a lot to me.”

Travel Channel
George Motz interviews Jim Heins for Burger Land.

Heins said that Motz and his crew filmed Latin Burger in Bayfront Park. “Filming took about ten hours. They went through every step of the burger making process and interviewed everyone on the truck. I can’t wait to see the finished product.”

Suffice it to say that it is not just Motz who has been delighted with the Latin Macho, but scores of others as well. We intend to bring you more accolades of our Latin Burger & Taco Food Truck into the New Year, stay tuned!

If you are interested in pursuing taco truck catering as well as latin burger nirvana or just plain love food trucks, contact us for more information about our Latin Burger & Taco Food Truck as well as your Free Food Truck Industry Report. You can also call us at 888.983.8383.