Roll out a Gourmet Streets™ Food Truck for Your Organization

Conveniently Provide a Fresh, Tasty and Healthy Cuisine On Your Property

Gourmet Streets™ provides fully operational gourmet mobile foodservices to organizations looking to bring alternative meal options to their properties. If you lack the room for an interior food service; or if you simply want to augment your current services with a greater variety of meals, a gourmet food truck will do it for you. We offer the highest level of services and quality without the need to occupy your interior space. Our mobile kitchens are fully equipped, built to commercial grade, and operated by a staff of professionals. Choose from our seven fresh gourmet menus and you’ll experience a potpourri of tantalizing smells, delicious tastes for your palate, friendly chefs, and an all around exciting atmosphere.

Gourmet food trucks are all the rage

Market research indicates growth in the industry over the next 5 years will exceed 500%, growth to 2.7 billion dollars. Your organization can stand out from the rest by providing your employees/customers with the best, fresh, locally procured food. All dishes are cooked fresh on-site.

It’s a Wide Open Road…Consider a Gourmet Streets™ Food Truck for…

• Corporate Dining/Food Services on Site

• Off Road or Isolated Areas Food Service Options

• Build Customer Traffic with a State of the Art Food Truck on Premise

• Cater Corporate Events, On/off Site

• Movie Sets, Production Facilities, In the Field

Properties like yours we work for (organizations with 250+ people)

• Corporate, Manufacturing, Research

• Oil, Gas and Pipeline companies

• Construction and Development projects

• Property management companies

• Malls, outlet stores, retail centers

• Food service management

Why consider food trucks? Why Gourmet Streets™?

• Bring something unique and trendy to your organization

• Set up a fully operational on site food service

• Provide a variety of gourmet meals on site

• Freshly prepared local fare

• Healthy selections on every menu, nutrition facts provided

• Employee/Customer convenience

• Increased employee motivation and productivity

• Economically priced

• Additional revenue for your company

• Gourmet Streets™ is your one stop food service run by professionals

• In-house caterer for all company functions

• Platform for employees/customers incentives

• Delivery service available through our mobile ordering system

Gourmet Streets™ takes your company the distance to a successfully operating on-site food truck service!

For more information about starting a food truck business with Gourmet Streets, as well as a Free Food Truck Industry Business Report, Please click here. To Call us, our toll free number is 888.983.8383