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italian food truck menu

Are you thinking about starting an italian food truck? Are you looking for an awesome italian food truck menu? Something new and exciting? Well, you have found it! Gusto’s is getting great reviews and testimonials all the way from facebook to the Bangdor Daily News, as well as other Maine publications giving high marks to Gusto’s, our italian food truck business.

italian food truck, admit it, when you think of this , your brain is hardwired towards pizza or pasta with sauce from a jar, or for the more adventurous among you, canoli. Well, get your mind out of The Sopranos, Mr. Ragu. With Gusto’s, the italian food truck has gone gourmet with lots of dishes ending in A, E, I, and O, but never Y. We are the real deal, inspired by the traditions of Sicily, Florence, Venice, Genoa, and Sophia Loren. Oh, and by the way, you will find pasta here, but make no mistake about its pedigree, even if you are not in Little Italy. Made from with love and some choice Italian curse words, each dish is a masterpiece of Italian seasonings and flavors, served in a pizza cone for easy eats. Now, that’s amore, italian food truck style. That is an offer that you cannot refuse.

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Gusto’s™ Menu


Grilled Garlic Flatbread A flatbread so famous, that it is often referred to by one name, much like Madonna, Prince, Cher and Oprah. And now? Flatbread can be added to that illustrious list.

italian food truck garlic bread

Garlic Flatbread

Fresh Bruschetta Toasted Italian bread topped with fresh tomatoes and sweet onion with olive oil, basil & garlic Classically Italian, some people eat this every day. Did you have this bruschetta yesterday or the day before, or last month? If yes, then you clearly have good taste. If no, there really is no excuse for you.

italian food truck bruschetta



Pizza Cone Sweet and Savory It’s a pizza pie!! In an ice cream cone!! Only, there’s no ice cream in there! Where you would think there would be ice cream, there is actually pizza! Is this blowing your mind as much as it is blowing ours?

Shrimp Portofino Sautéed Shrimp with lemon, butter and white wine, topped with crabmeat & fontina cheese in a pizza cone What takes a shrimp from lowly sea crustacean to master of your plate? Perhaps the butter to make it shine or the white wine to spiff it up? Certainly, they help, but let’s give credit where it is due: to us. We did add the crab and cheese after all.

italian food truck shrimp portofino

Shrimp Portofino

Risotto Con Polpa Di Granchio E Gamberi Fresh crabmeat and rock shrimp with Arborio risotto finished in a lobster bisque in a pizza cone The original rock lobster mashup, featuring crabmeat on guitar and risotto on bass. Now try and get the B-52s out of your head! Watch out for that piranha!

italian food truck risotto

Risotto Cod Polpa

Involtini Di Melenzana Sliced Baby Eggplant stuffed in a pizza cone with prosciutto, ricotta, and sharp provolone topped with tomato sauce & mozzarella Eggplants are not so much stuffed as they are pampered. We pampered the heck out of this one, giving it all the accoutrements it asked for, except for the yellow parasol and blinged out wheels.

italian food truck involtini

Invotini Di Melenzana

Carne Picante El Paninio Spicy beef Panini What is it that makes spicy beef and paninis go so well together? Hell if we know! We just make the good stuff that goes good together. That’s just what we do, and spicy beef Panini made the list.

italian food truck carne picante

Carne Picante El Pizzaninio


Vampire Slayer Basil Tomato Mozzarella Skewers Fresh Mozzarella, ripe tomato wedges and whole basil leaves impaled on a wooden steak and oozing with extra virgin olive oil. Oddly enough no garlic? HMMN! Fun in the Sun Sundried tomato feta cheese blend on a mesculin salad with golden raisins Sun tan? Try sun dried, Yikes! but when the water is removed and the ray’s do their thing nothin’s left but sweetness and flavor. You might ask for an aloe-vera chaser.

fun in the sun picture

Fun In The Sun


Minestrone You know when you were a kid going away to camp and you stuffed everything you loved into a duffel. Well that is minestrone – only it’s a soup instead of a duffel, so you will have to find somewhere else for your collection of glow in the dark superhero action figures. Please.

Minestrone soup

Minestrone Soup

Italian wedding soupWe are gathered here today to celebrate the union of flavorful beef and veal broth with vegetables, and meatballs infused with liquor. The best man would like to say a few words, but he’s a little buzzed from the meatballs. Don’t watch the train wreck. Just keep eating.

Italian Wedding Soup

Italian Wedding Soup


Biscotti Have you ever met a biscotti you haven’t liked? Well, of course you have, unless you’ve only had our biscotti, in which case you are ruined for all other biscottis made by anyone else. Sorry to have done that to you. Perhaps a biscotti to make you feel better?

Food Truck Business Gourmet Streets Biscotti


Tiramisu Yes you have heard of this confection of mascarpone cheese, heavy cream, espresso, ladyfingers, liquor and cocoa. Ours is a whole new dimension in terms of flavor and mouth experience and a faultless and unspoiled end to a wonderful Italian food truck meal, we believe that nothing can approach the Tiramisu that is prepared with loving care.

Italian food truck Tiramisu


 Spinach & Mushroom

Spinach & Mushroom

Deluxe Vegetable

Deluxe Vegetable

italian sausage

Spicy Italian Sausage & Pepperoni