Guerrilla Marketing the Food Truck Way

Food Truck Advertising with Gourmet Streets


Guerilla Marketing Food Truck

Jay Conrad Levinson, who first coined the phrase Guerilla Marketing back in 1984 could not have devised a better vehicle for his unique guerilla marketing ideas than today’s Gourmet Streets Food Truck.

What better way to make a lasting impression with a consumer, than at a time when they are enjoying themselves over a tasty meal.

From Main Street to Wall Street to 42nd Street, companies large and small have have turned to these rolling billboards in a big way to promote their products, services, or media.

It’s the unconventional means of advertising ascribed to Guerilla Marketing, and the unconventional methods Food Trucks use to reach their loyal customers that provides a natural link between the two.

The increased number of food trucks travelling around America’s countryside provide a great opportunity for companies to put comparatively small amounts of their marketing and advertsing budgets to very efficient and effective use.

Consider the advantages of serving up a new food product, advertising the start of a new cable show, or the advent of some new service from the platform of a food truck.

Whether it giving away free samples, or creating media hype through the presence of the truck itself in an unusual setting, or wrapping the entire truck in a company’s brand, the options are vast.

The food truck is a very flexible prop, and easily movable from point A to B.

Best of all, in comparison to other forms of advertising, its down right cheap to market through a food truck!

Companies like HBO, Target, Google, Verizon, and others have already introduced their own marketing campaigns through the use of food trucks.

So let’s go truckin, consider using food trucks for your next Guerilla marketing project.

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