Seven Unique Gourmet Food Truck Menus

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When you think about your dream of opening a restaurant, you quickly realize that in order to make that happen, you’re looking at an investment of $500,000 to $1 Million.

Enter Gourmet Streets™. We offer a choice of seven delectable fast to prepare & serve gourmet food truck menus, technologies including a mobile app that will knock your socks off, gourmet food trucks for sale, food truck wrap designs and build outs, cooking, operations, marketing, business training, permits and licensing, as well as help in finding the ideal location for your new gourmet food truck.

Not only can you purchase a modern food truck, with custom installation of brand new equipment to meet your configuration requirements, but also, you have for the first time, the option of purchasing one of seven gourmet food trucks for sale menus to operate off of your stunning food truck, or take-out restaurant.

We offer a one-stop shop turn-key system for the most reasonably priced restaurant business in the world. Having access to these gourmet menus which have all been prepared by Executive Chef Daren Bulley, makes Gourmet Streets THE most affordable and sought after restaurant business in the USA.

The following seven cuisines have been developed for operation on OR off the food truck platform or any other small retail space.

If you have been searching for the best business opportunities in America, have an entrepreneurial spirit with great energy, a positive attitude and love to serve gourmet food, then you might be a perfect candidate to own and operate a Gourmet Streets Restaurant Business. We are looking for the best candidates to partner with in our passion to bring gourmet street food to the world, right off of a modern, ultra clean, newly equipped mobile food truck.

Please check out our unique gourmet food trucks for sale menus below and click any one of the cuisine icons to see further details on each of our culinary creations.


Concession Trailer Gourmet Streets Cuisine Brand Sizzle Stix N'Burger Logo
Sizzle Stix N’Burger BBQ

It’s time to introduce the world to Wickani PRN: (Week au Nee) This word was coined when our executive chef Daren Bulley finally had to define the feeling when foods taste so amazing and wonderful that your knees go weak, and sometimes, people are known to skip a breath. With all this great food hitting the streets, the more this phenomena occurs. So often, that he just had to name it, Wickani. There IS a world outside the box, ladies and gentleman, and that is the world of the boxy food truck. Gourmet Streets has done it again, hitting a home run without a bat! The simple stick has risen to the challenge of being the next big thing on our grill. The tastiest of foods from the most innovative minds in eateries today-skewered, and direct to your belly. Sticks and stones can break bones but would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Experience Wickani.


italian gourmet food trucks for sale menu
Gusto’s™ Italian

Admit it. When you think of Italian food, your brain is hardwired towards pizza or pasta with sauce from a jar, or for the more adventurous among you, canoli. Well, get your mind out of The Sopranos, Mr. Ragu. With Gusto’s, Italian has gone gourmet with lots of dishes ending in A, E, I, and O, but never Y. We are the real deal, inspired by the traditions of Sicily, Florence, Venice, Genoa, and Sophia Loren. Oh, you will find pasta here, but make no mistake about its pedigree. Made with love and and basil, each dish is a masterpiece of Italian seasonings and flavors, served in a pizza cone for easy eats. Now, that’s amore.

Latin Asian Food Truck Menu


Chillipeppers™ Latin Asian

Here, in this cuisine called Chillipeppers, ginger and wasabi meet chipotle and pico de gallo in a battle so fierce, the only winner can be you and your taste buds. Marvel at the melding of Latin and Asian flavors, delight as the tangy fire of one dish hits your mouth, while another tingles the tongue with delectable sweetness. This is not simply food! It is a culinary experience bursting with the hot, spicy, sweet and sublime flavors of two continents and cultural traditions, fit for a gourmet of the most discerning tastes. Reactions are unpredictable. You may laugh, cry, dance and wail and punch out your neighbor all in the span of a single meal. Not to worry. We have restraining orders on hand. Yes, you can!

dessert food truck menu




Mambi’s™ Desserts

If you love Willy Wonka or walking through a bakery; if you have a sweet tooth or named your firstborn child Candy or Chocolate or even thought to, Mambi’s already has your heart. Don’t let your spouse or significant other be alarmed. You may cheat on them with Mambi’s, it is an indiscretion defended by passion and refined sugar. Desserts such as these have brought men and women far greater than you to their knees. It is only by the grace of God and Oprah that you are able to stand at all after a Mambi’s dessert. And why would you want to? So go on then, lie down, absorb the full Mambi’s experience in your belly. There’s always room for dessert.

food truck business



American Fare™

What could be more American than baseball and apple pie, except our American Fare? Combing all 50 states, we braved cowboys, flash mobs, Hollywood starlets, and New Yorkers, in order to bring you the finest gourmet cuisine from across the country. We went with food that is representative of particular regions or states, giving you the culinary equivalent of a cross-country road trip. You’re on your own with the tunes, beer, snacks, and obnoxious sidekicks who stick their feet out the window as you drive. We just make delicious cuisine bar none. Oh, and one more thing – suck it, apple pie! You did not make the cut, despite your lobbying and blatant bribery. I rest my case. Baseball, you can stay.


food truck business
Eastside Deli™

Is it any wonder that the root of delicious is deli? Now, imagine that! Think lean cuts of meat, then think again. Anyone can cut fat. Meat though, some talented few can cut with the knowledge, precision and dexterity to actually develop texture and flavor within the meat itself. For each meat there is a texture and for each texture a thinness that suits it perfectly with the exact surface area ratio. Beyond that, it is the rare deli men, such as we, who know the secret to a supreme deli sandwich. Obviously, we won’t tell you. But, then again, it is unfair to conceal the fabulousness of our food. Certainly, the cut of the meat is vital, but the secret to a truly supreme deli sandwich, which separates it from the very good and the service-ably great, are the glory of the accompaniments and toppings. Say goodbye to brown mustard and hamburger relish. You are on Gourmet Streets now. Raise the bar.



Latin Burger & Taco™

It’s time to introduce the world to food truck comfort food with a Latin American flare. Love Burgers- Well we’ve “Got Burgers”, the very best burger on the block, beach, festival, campus, or where ever else you will park your Latin Burger &Taco gourmet food truck. What do you think happens when combining Latin, Texan, Sun, and Kool- it’s our famous ‘Latin Macho’, a burger made of chorizo, chuck and sirloin, topped with Oaxaca cheese, caramelized onion, jalapenos, and a sauce so good it’s named “avocadolicious sauce.” Latin Burger & Taco hit the streets of Miami in early December 2009, and ever since it’s “Bienvenidos a Miami,” gourmet street food, like never before! To put it simply: Latin Burger is serving you ‘Comfort food w/ a Latin American flare’, and people are eating it up. Ask owner/operator Jim ‘Mr. Texas’ Heins. Granny doesn’t ask where the beef is on his truck.