Have You considered a Food Truck Franchise?

Compelling reasons to Franchise your Business with Gourmet Streets

Franchise your business? Here is why:

  • Franchising has been around for decades, and is considered the world over, the best way to start a new business.
  • There is nothing more satisfying then owning your own business.
  • The success rate of franchise businesses is much higher than that of independent businesses.
  • Franchise Businesses have a 92% success rate after 5 years compared to a 23% success rate of independent businesses. (Business World Magazine)
  • There is only one franchise bankruptcy to every 40 independent business bankruptcies in North America (5,000 vs. 200,000 annually, respectively).
  • While only 3% of businesses in North America are franchises, nevertheless, these franchises account for 40% of all retail and service business conducted each year!
  • Franchising is responsible for 760,000 businesses and 18 million jobs constituting 14% of all private sector employment.
  • Franchises produce Over $500 billion in payroll.
  • Total sales by Franchised businesses reach over $2 trillion.
  • One out of every 12 businesses is a franchised business.
  • A new franchise business is opened every 8 minutes of every business day.
  • The Top Franchises in the world are Food Businesss!

Now, just imagine what you can do with a Food Truck Franchise!