Buy a New Food Truck Today – 80% Financing Available!

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Buy a New Food Truck Today – 80% Financing Available!

You Want To Buy A Brand New Food Truck?

But Not Sure How to Afford It?

We have heard both the desire and the concern before, many times. There are many people out there in the food truck loving community who are itching to get started. Perhaps you have some great recipes handed down to you from your great grandmother, perhaps you have your own or you might have none, but have heard of our delicious meals that are food truck friendly and you love preparing and serving food. You are excited to start a new business. You are excited to begin building a new life for you and your family. You think of opening a brick and mortar restaurant and have the initial sticker shock of between 500k to a million dollars, plus high business fees and long contracts. You then begin searching for a different vehicle, pardon the pun, for your business, think of food trucks and start your research. That is when you might find Gourmet Streets as you are searching online. Or perhaps you are familiar with one of our six operating trucks, love the food, love the graphics, love our technologies and business system, and you want to start a food truck business, and you want to do it in months, not years! That is when we speak, and that is when you realize that even for a food truck, you are looking at between 100k and 150k for a brand new food truck, which is what we recommend and 25k to 35k less for a used food truck. We are not in the business of softsoaping the reality. A Food Truck business can be a great investment, but it does take an investment of both capital and time. Fortunately, if you work with us, you will be saving both time and money. We have already put six trucks on the road, we have a wealth of experience in starting up food trucks in the fastest time possible with a minimum investment. Remember that starting up a Gourmet Food Truck is a fraction of the cost of starting up a fine restaurant. Even so, you still need to get capital, and that is where we can now help you. We now have a program where, if your credit qualifies you, 80% financing can be available to you to purchase a brand new food truck, which is the largest expense confronting new food truck entrepreneurs.

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