Branding and Sales Promotion with a Food Truck

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Branding and Sales Promotion using a Food Truck

Creative Advertising for the 21st Century

Written by
Robert Mytelka
Branding and Guerilla Marketing Maven
Gourmet Streets

Flash, Food, and Fulfillment! Your Gourmet Food Truck has it all for your newest branding, sales promotion, marketing campaign or product/service announcement.

Heard the following joke the other day:

A panda bear comes into a restaurant, sits down at the counter, and orders a meal.

People around are looking and can’t believe what they see.

The panda is served his meal. Eats it, wipes his mouth.

People are amazed.

The panda then proceeds to pull out a gun and shoots the waiter who served him the food, gets up from the counter and leaves the restaurant.

Police are called, and take down the facts.

The next day, a detective returns to the restaurant, to tell the owner he has solved the case.

The detective relates how he looked up in the encyclopedia under ‘Panda’, where it says: Pandas – eats shoots & leaves!

The right food truck, designed wicked cool, can do wonders for branding and sales promotion of your product or service.

All the elements for a successful branding, sales promotion and marketing campaign are evident: sight (exposure), taste and smell (delicious food), fun and fulfillment.

Companies from banks to bodagos, from Hollywood to Foxwoods, from food to fashion, and everything in between are using food trucks for branding and sales promotion.

Food Trucks are serving up a unique form of marketing opportunities that companies are looking for in this day of immediate satisfaction and quick judgements.

Bring your marketing message to the streets.

It’s the next frontier, and Gourmet Streets, the full service food truck marketing company can do the branding and sales promotion for you.

From design and build out to operational management, give them a call to devise your next ‘out of the box’ branding, sales promotion or marketing campaign. or 888-983-8383.