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If you love Willy Wonka or walking through a bakery; if you have a sweet tooth or named your firstborn child Candy or Chocolate or even thought to, Mambi’s Food Truck Business Cuisine already has your heart. Don’t let your spouse or significant other be alarmed. You may cheat on them with Mambi’s, it is an indiscretion defended by passion and refined sugar. Desserts such as these have brought men and women far greater than you to their knees. It is only by the grace of God and Oprah that you are able to stand at all after a Mambi’s dessert. And why would you want to? So go on then, lie down, absorb the full Mambi’s experience in your belly. There’s always room for dessert.

food truck business


Breakfast – Mambi’s Food Truck Business

Fillings for a Belgian Waffle Cone, crepe, tortilla or our renowned jumbo doughnut breakfast sandwich

2 scrambled eggs & bacon -Gourmet? Not really but who can knock America’s best selling breakfast?

Lobster Benedict – Magnificent twist on eggs Benedict calls for lobster meat instead of ham, while a waffle cone replace the English muffins

Pesto Scrambled Eggs with Diced Canadian Bacon & Cream Cheese

Strawberries, Bananas, Hot Maple Syrup & Fresh Whipped Cream

2 scrambled eggs with Home Fries and baked beans in a Belgian Waffle Cone

Fruit Salad, Hot Strawberry Syrup and Chocolate Sauce with Fresh Whipped Cream

Hot Picante Scrammbled Eggs, Sheeps milk Cheese and sausage

French Toasted Kabobs – Toast Squares, Potato, Mango & Pineapple are all skewered up dipped in egg batter and grilled. We slide them off the skewer on to your choice of  Belgian Waffle Cone, crepe, tortilla or our renowned jumbo doughnut breakfast sandwich

Hot syrups – strawberry, maple, blueberry
Whipped Creme


Dessssssserts – Mambi’s Food Truck Business

Specialty Cream Puffs or Filled Cannoli -These sweet treats’ combine fried pastry shells and smooth, creamy fillings. Textural tandems that mouths find delectably astonishing, await. Our variety of custom toppings and garnishes allow each temptation to target taste buds with a lot more precision than a smart bomb in the talons of a homing pigeon.


Mint Chocolate Chip

Strawberry Banana

Banana Gone Completely Nuts

Wild Berry

Lemon Fudge

White Chocolate Cherry

§ Cranberry Orange


6 Inch Bundt Cakes – Mambi’s Food Truck Business

Impress indignant friends and nosy neighbors with the dominion you hold over baked goods by presenting these edible marvels.
Be careful not to cross over to the dark chocolate side.

Flan Chocolate Cake

Red Velvet


Vanilla Raspberry


Banana Walnut

§ Vanilla & Chocolate

§ Birthday Flavors

*All Cakes iced with our signature cream icing (except German Chocolate)


Molten Lava Cakes – Mambi’s Food Truck Business

The recipes for Mambi’s molten lava cakes were born out of a desire to obtain a taste sensation previously inaccessible. To refer to them as concoctions would be demeaning to their stature, they are real confections. They are Works of art. Pure yes they are, but simple no, not at all.

Classic Lava: Chocolate Cake with Molten Chocolate

Shooting Star: Pistachio Cake with Molten Vanilla Butter

Opiate: Poppy Cake with Molten Raspberry Truffle

Super Mocha: Dark Chocolate Cake with Molten Espresso Center

The Elvis: Banana Cake with Molten Peanut Butter topped with Candied Bacon


Pies – Mambi’s Food Truck Business

Insistence on fresh ingredients, and a long tradition of hot-from-the-oven pie craft, give the buttery folds of freshly rolled pie dough the Mambi’s name. The dough gently cushions crisp seasonal fruits, which are lovingly plucked and hand-peeled. The old-school bakery truck boasts a series of pie creations with zero grams of Trans fat; all of its pies adhere to a strict ban on artificial ingredients, preservatives, and TV after 10 p.m.

Sky High Apple

Lemon Meringue

Chocolate Mousse

Caramel Vanilla Pear

Peach Cobbler

Key Lime

Ask about our Seasonal Pie


Cookies – Mambi’s Food Truck Business

“C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me” –Cookie Monster

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lindsor Cookies

Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

Cracked Top Chocolate Cookies

Macadamia & white Chocolate Cookies


Famous Brittles – Mambi’s Food Truck Business

A taste of sweet innovation, Mambi’s irresistible and addictive brittle will have you coming back for more.

Pistachio Brittle

Pecan Chocolate Chunk Brittle

Nougat Brittle