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Taste the BBQ Food Truck experience with Sizzle Stix

BBQ Food Truck Sizzle Stix from Gourmet Streets hit the Catskills Summer 2013

BBQ Food Truck Sizzle Stix from Gourmet Streets hit the Catskills Summer 201

Ahhh! The lines begin forming well before the dinner hour. Customers who have already
tasted the Sizzle Stix sizzling BBQ brisket sandwich, and those who are there for the first time, having heard about it from friends, they’re all there, waiting for THAT tasty BBQ experience. Ever since the Sizzle Stix truck pulled into town that late June day, the word went out: There’s a truck parked at the ‘4 Corners’, what’s it serving? Hey, looks good, let’s give it a try. As with anything new, business starts out slow, a few customers for lunch, a few snacking mid afternoon, more for the dinner, and more still for some late night munchies. But, day by day the numbers and the truck’s reputation grew.

By the 4th hired to handle the traffic. We knew things were hitting its stride when the local health department officials came in for a look and a taste.

So BBQ is hot in America, and as you all well know, its not just in the south. New York loves it, Chicago loves it, even Montreal loves it. And with a food truck, more and more people will be introduced to it through the trucks economical and convenient serving platform.

Keep the menu simple, and the preparation remains manageable. That is the trick to any
successful restaurant business. KISS. If you’ve done it before, you know exactly what we’re saying. For those of you thinking of doing a restaurant concept, its the ‘Golden Rule’ of operation, and that is NOT, ‘whatever can go wrong will go wrong’. No, with a Gourmet Streets food truck, that’s all taken care beforehand. The ‘rule’ we speak of is: Keep It Simple, Build to Your Customers likes, and Think of yourself as your customer, how would you like to be served. Can’t leave out the importance of the food , has to be unique and appealing. And that’s the success of BBQ in America, its tasty, priced right, and easy to make. Join us in this exciting business, BBQ food trucks for sale from Gourmet Streets’ Sizzle Stix BBQ food truck.

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